• Time is limited and it can be difficult to find any to keep in touch with your clients but it might be the single most important activity you can partake in.
    Business is based on relationships.  Most relationships don’t last very long without any form of communication.  Communication is the true life source of any relationship. […]

  • If you’ve ever been in business, you’ll know it’s most likely you’ll deal with people from all walks of life.  You’ll get some prickly personalities and you’ll get those that are an absolute joy.  If you’re just starting out, you must build resilience and be prepared to work with both types if […]

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    I recall many times during my childhood feeling like I didn’t belong and that I was inadequate, because of this I shied away from any situation that may have become awkward or I became the centre of attention.
    Many conversations I had with people would feel very demanding and I would instantly criticise myself for not registering wi […]

  • “Okay, Love you, Bye”.  This is what a business colleague said to a client of hers recently. Apparently the call ended on quite an awkward moment, however she kept her dignity and made light of it posting the experience on social media receiving quite an animated response. The story made me chuckle and ignited thoughts ab […]