• Losing clients is a natural but inconvenient part of business. It can happen for many reasons and it is best not to analyse the situation too much, otherwise you may just go mad!  However, I always find myself wondering what I’m lacking or haven’t done. Did the relationship not live up to expectations?  Was there a lack o […]

  • Time is limited and it can be difficult to find any to keep in touch with your clients but it might be the single most important activity you can partake in.
    Business is based on relationships.  Most relationships don’t last very long without any form of communication.  Communication is the true life source of any relationship. […]

  • When I first launched Quintessential Concierge I knew I would meet some amazing clients and people along the way but certain people leave a massive mark on your heart.
    We were contracted by a team in the initial phases of constructing a dairy company back in May for a two week period, this then become a six month contract with my last day […]

  • Do you have a prospect list? If so, when was the last time you followed up the people on that list?
    It’s very important to keep in contact with your current clients but it’s also important to keep in contact with your prospects.
    The other day I went through the list of quotes I’d sent since starting Quintessential Concie […]


    We are so excited to launch our new branding today.  We’ve been operating for a little over two years and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  We have a lot more growing to do and look forward to the support from our clients, suppliers, friends and family.  We hope you enjoy our new website as well!