• Losing clients is a natural but inconvenient part of business. It can happen for many reasons and it is best not to analyse the situation too much, otherwise you may just go mad!  However, I always find myself wondering what I’m lacking or haven’t done. Did the relationship not live up to expectations?  Was there a lack o […]

  • Take a minute to think about the tasks you complete on a day to day basis………. Do they include managing your diary, marketing, general administration, managing events and accounts?
    It’s so important to understand, to be successful in business you need to leverage your top strengths whilst being aware of your wea […]

  • Celebrate with us in turning five this month!!
    Lots has happened since Quintessential Concierge was launched and it seems like a good moment to look back at what we’ve learnt along the way.
    Let’s start by going back in time.
    It’s 2011 and New Zealand is still experiencing the economic recession which began in 2008. My  […]

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    I’d like you to consider what saying “thank you” actually depicts.
    My parents brought me up to use my manners.  To say please and thank you when required.  Now it’s my turn to teach my own children the same – sometimes I feel like a broken record but I will not give up!  I believe society has forgotten th […]

  • One of the keys to being successful in business is leveraging your top strengths while being aware of your weaknesses and outsourcing tasks you’re not good at.
    By outsourcing the production of lower-value services, even if you can produce them more efficiently yourself. Even if your faster or better at getting a routine task done doesn […]

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    I recall many times during my childhood feeling like I didn’t belong and that I was inadequate, because of this I shied away from any situation that may have become awkward or I became the centre of attention.
    Many conversations I had with people would feel very demanding and I would instantly criticise myself for not registering wi […]

  • I get asked these two questions a lot, “How do you balance work and family?” and “How can you be so super organised with running your own business and raising twins?” I don’t mind being asked them because being a business owner and parent is hard and if me telling my story helps and inspires others to be […]

  • I met up with a social media client last month to do a strategy session and he happened to mention that his business is built on 100% outsourced talent.  Self-employed consultants, contractors and home-based workers.
    Outsourcing is not a new phenomenon but despite the positive advantages many are still speculative about its value and how […]

  • “Okay, Love you, Bye”.  This is what a business colleague said to a client of hers recently. Apparently the call ended on quite an awkward moment, however she kept her dignity and made light of it posting the experience on social media receiving quite an animated response. The story made me chuckle and ignited thoughts ab […]

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    If you are a business owner you will know, it’s hard, sometimes it’s a struggle, it’s a tough road and things don’t just fall at your feet.  However, when they do you expect those around you be as excited about your success as you are.  Just a little, anyway!
    It’s important to remember that success means different things t […]