It’s Time to Work Smarter Not Harder

 June 8, 2015
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Oh, how I miss those relaxed weekday mornings when I would be woken from my slumber to the children bounding on the bed with their usual morning chirpiness.  We would get up, have breakfast together, get ourselves ready for the day and on certain days I would drop them to daycare before starting my business day. It felt busy, but who was I fooling! In the last few weeks I have questioned whether I will ever experience that blissful balance to life again. They say you don’t always appreciate something until it is no longer there, well I certainly didn’t appreciate it and now I do.

I recently took on a contract that involves me leaving home at 7.15am in the morning and not returning until 6.00pm at night.  In the last few weeks I have continued at home burning the midnight oil and the effects have hit me.  I have also experienced terrible working-mum guilt for not having the time to interact with my family other than a few short conversations over meal times.  If there are other mums out there feeling the same about the amount of time not spent with your children, we don’t need to any more!  We can be kinder to ourselves as a new study from Harvard reports that having a mother who works not only doesn’t do children any harm, it actually increases their daughters’ future prospects for career success.

The survey of over 50,000 adults in 25 developed nations worldwide found that in every single country, women with working mothers and entrepreneurial mums performed better in the workplace.  They earned more money and rose to higher positions than did women who grew up with stay-at-home mothers.

And the sons’ don’t miss out either, while the “working mother effect” didn’t affect sons’ earning power or job positions, the men who grew up with working mothers displayed one important different: They spent twice as much time, on average, handling domestic and child-care duties as did men who grew up with non-working mothers.  I say, a couple of positives there, don’t you?

After months of friends and colleagues telling me I should take on contractors, I can no longer ignore them.  I am excited to announce that Quintessential Concierge is growing and three new faces will become a part of the team.

Some of you may ask why I chose to wait so long to build a support team.  It was a mixture of reasons: The idea of relinquishing control, thinking that no one else could do the job like me, trying to uphold the reputation I’ve built and mostly being fearful of the whole process. I would feel like a fake when encouraging clients to outsource work to free up their time and I wasn’t doing the same.  I have chosen to work smarter, not harder and I do believe going forward I will get those blissful weekdays back.

I look forward to introducing you to the new additions to the team next month through my newsletter and I’ll also be doing some in-person introductions in July.


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    Letitia, thank you for sharing this post with us. Definitely takes the guilt away a little. It’s so so tricky balancing everything! I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR sista! And may I say, a huge congrats on the expansion of your biz. That is seriously serious exciting stuff. Whoop! x

    • qc

      Apologies for the delayed response Florencia. Very glad you enjoyed this post. I think every mother needs a gentle reminder every so often x

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    I needed to read this tonight. I stumbled upon it.
    Thank you x

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