How to deal with negative social media posts

 March 28, 2016
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From time to time every business that engages in social media will be required to deal with customer services issues.

It is good to receive both positive and negative feedback about your business so that feedback can be used to improve your systems and processes, make the necessary changes (if required) and or pat yourself on the back that you’re doing things right. You must also have an approach to respond to these comments in a consistent and appropriate manner.

Recently a client received several negative comments that could only be described as unsubstantiated nonsense, however we dealt with them the same as we would any other comment, with professionalism and grace.

Here are a few tips that we follow when responding to negative comments on our client’s Facebook pages:

  1. Always Respond – don’t ignore the comments thinking they’ll go away.  It will only make the situation worse.  Respond quickly as news spreads like wild fire on social media, preferably within hours (or less).
  2. Set The Tone - the tone of your replying posts will direct the nature of future conversations. Always be polite and professional and focus on the topic. Never get aggressive you have a reputation to up hold.

    For some specific examples of appropriate responses to complaints, click here to view them on our tools page on our website.

  3. Contact the Poster Privately – make sure to attempt to contact the poster privately.  This can be done by sending a private message to the poster (this can be done via Twitter or Facebook). If the poster is an existing client, pick up the phone and speak with them or arrange a meeting to discuss the situation.  Sometimes the personal touch can elevate the problems.
  4. Ban or Block Them – if you have made all the attempts imaginable but the poster continues to cause trouble, consider banning or blocking them.  This is an easy process both on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Get Additional Help – instead of spending your productive time on dealing with these issues, contact a virtual assistant that provides social media management services.  This ensures a consistent approach.

If you’d like to know more about Quintessential Concierge’s social media management services, contact Letitia on 021 898 661 or email her on for a FREE introductory meeting to discuss your requirements.


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    There’s nothing even better than handling an irate customer in a mild and calm manner. Even if you’re right, there has to be grace in handling it. In the end whatever you give out in the internet will backfire, so handle everything with care.

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