• Losing clients is a natural but inconvenient part of business. It can happen for many reasons and it is best not to analyse the situation too much, otherwise you may just go mad!  However, I always find myself wondering what I’m lacking or haven’t done. Did the relationship not live up to expectations?  Was there a lack o […]

  • If you’ve ever been in business, you’ll know it’s most likely you’ll deal with people from all walks of life.  You’ll get some prickly personalities and you’ll get those that are an absolute joy.  If you’re just starting out, you must build resilience and be prepared to work with both types if […]

  • Yes, that’s right!  ‘You do not have to do it all’.  Let those words sink in.
    I believe one of the hardest thing for our culture to do is ask for help.  Us Kiwi’s are known for our ‘can do’ attitude and most times we would rather hold onto our pride than hire someone else to complete a job for us.  […]

  • Take a minute to think about the tasks you complete on a day to day basis………. Do they include managing your diary, marketing, general administration, managing events and accounts?
    It’s so important to understand, to be successful in business you need to leverage your top strengths whilst being aware of your wea […]

  • Whether you’ve started your business or have a few years under your belt, you’ll know that building a presence can be time consuming and, at times frustrating.  But it’s very important.
    These days, if your business hasn’t got a presence on the internet (an online presence), it can be hard to know you exist.
    What […]

  • “I’ll definitely make a payment online overnight.”  Is this what you constantly hear from your debtors but payment never eventuates?
    Stop!  Stop accepting the excuses as it may be affecting your business, hugely.  Are you writing off bad debt, receiving part payments, finding it difficult meeting your tax commitmen […]

  • Are your agendas and minutes time bombs ticking – messages to an unknown critic?
    All to often meetings become an inefficient slog but this doesn’t have to be the case.  A well organised meeting needs a well-written agenda.  By sticking to a detailed, yet flexible agenda this can create a streamlined and focused meeting that meet […]

  • Today my phone greeting is good morning/afternoon Gyde Wansbone, this is Letitia.
    I work with many different organisations, so often I’m changing my phone greeting many times in the space of a week.
    Throughout my career I’ve endured extensive customer service training that reinforced the importance of answering the phone in a […]

  • From time to time every business that engages in social media will be required to deal with customer services issues.
    It is good to receive both positive and negative feedback about your business so that feedback can be used to improve your systems and processes, make the necessary changes (if required) and or pat yourself on the back […]

  • One of the keys to being successful in business is leveraging your top strengths while being aware of your weaknesses and outsourcing tasks you’re not good at.
    By outsourcing the production of lower-value services, even if you can produce them more efficiently yourself. Even if your faster or better at getting a routine task done doesn […]