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    I’d like you to consider what saying “thank you” actually depicts.
    My parents brought me up to use my manners.  To say please and thank you when required.  Now it’s my turn to teach my own children the same – sometimes I feel like a broken record but I will not give up!  I believe society has forgotten th […]

  • I believe it very important that before you judge anyone about anything in their business you must have your own ducks in row first.
    Today was the first time in my business career that my professionalism was questioned and it was like having a stake driven into my heart.
    From time to time I scan the local paper for any job advertisements […]

  • When I first launched Quintessential Concierge I knew I would meet some amazing clients and people along the way but certain people leave a massive mark on your heart.
    We were contracted by a team in the initial phases of constructing a dairy company back in May for a two week period, this then become a six month contract with my last day […]

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    I recall many times during my childhood feeling like I didn’t belong and that I was inadequate, because of this I shied away from any situation that may have become awkward or I became the centre of attention.
    Many conversations I had with people would feel very demanding and I would instantly criticise myself for not registering wi […]

  • Quintessential Concierge specialise in tailor made Personal Assistant services for time starved business owners, large corporates and entrepreneurs providing virtual and on-site support services, enabling them to outsource tasks and find time to do what they do best. We provide a flexible, efficient and cost-effective Virtual Assistant se […]

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    Oh, how I miss those relaxed weekday mornings when I would be woken from my slumber to the children bounding on the bed with their usual morning chirpiness.  We would get up, have breakfast together, get ourselves ready for the day and on certain days I would drop them to daycare before starting my business day. It felt busy, but who was […]

  • I get asked these two questions a lot, “How do you balance work and family?” and “How can you be so super organised with running your own business and raising twins?” I don’t mind being asked them because being a business owner and parent is hard and if me telling my story helps and inspires others to be […]

  • I met up with a social media client last month to do a strategy session and he happened to mention that his business is built on 100% outsourced talent.  Self-employed consultants, contractors and home-based workers.
    Outsourcing is not a new phenomenon but despite the positive advantages many are still speculative about its value and how […]

  • People still have doubts on the value of working with a Virtual Assistant.  Most are intrigued but often skeptical. This is unfamiliar territory to many and a unique concept to embrace.
    Many of my clients will tell you that by engaging my services I’ve enabled them to focus on what they do best and less of what they either don&#821 […]

  • “Okay, Love you, Bye”.  This is what a business colleague said to a client of hers recently. Apparently the call ended on quite an awkward moment, however she kept her dignity and made light of it posting the experience on social media receiving quite an animated response. The story made me chuckle and ignited thoughts ab […]