Shipshape Business Support specialise in tailor made administration consultancy services. Providing time starved business owners with administration support and guidance to keep their businesses organised and moving forward. Enabling them to outsource tasks and find time to do what they do best. We provide a flexible, efficient and cost-effective service, without the additional expense of training, hiring a temp or the overheads of employing someone. Wherever your location we can assist you.
"“‘Efficiency at its highest level’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Letitia and the Shipshape team. We engaged the Shipshape team in the early development stages of our business for general administrative support and we are beyond thrilled at the positive results our continuous working relationship has had. The Shipshape team has continued to exceed our expectations with the development and implementation of administrative systems and tools , recruitment, competitive costing and market research. These are just a few of the tasks that the Shipshape team was set and delivered on, absolutely exceeding our expectations. I was especially impressed with the Shipshape team’s versatility, adaptability and authenticity when it came to executing tasks with the genuine desire to better their customers businesses. As any business looking for the support the Shipshape team can provide, they have my highest recommendation.”"
Alexandra Leeson, Marketing Manager, BODCO Ltd
Our Services

Administrative Solutions

Do you sometimes wish you had a Personal Assistant? Someone to handle business arrangements, organise travel, catch up on administration, arrange meetings, prepare agendas, take minutes? These are just some examples of how Shipshape Business Support can assist you with their Virtual Assistant services to help manage your business.


We can manage your day-to-day accounts in Xero and allow you to hit the ground running with Smartpayroll leaving you to focus more on what you and only you can do best.

Event Management

Organising an event, whatever the size is a huge task. A task that can get overwhelming and stressful for most. If you'd rather be spending your time doing the things you are good at, instead of dealing with a list of tasks that comes with project managing an event, Shipshape Business Support can give you back the time and put in the hard yards on your behalf.

Social Media and Website Management

Do you hardly have time to read your emails, let alone keep your online media up to date? The task of responding to fans/likes, uploading promotional content, monitoring messages and sending newsletter campaigns can easily be neglected or ignored due to time restrictions. Shipshape Business Support can provide you with a Virtual Assistant to manage this task for you, enabling effective communication with your audience.

Expatriate Errands

Kiwi Expats, do you require assistance with personal tasks back home? You may need a gift arranged and delivered for a friend or family member that lives in New Zealand or you may miss something from New Zealand that you just can't go without. We will purchase the item for you, gift wrap it and add a personal note, if needed and personally deliver (terms apply)/post/courier/air or sea freight as soon as possible.