“Okay, Love You, Bye”

 November 29, 2014
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“Okay, Love you, Bye”.  This is what a business colleague said to a client of hers recently. Apparently the call ended on quite an awkward moment, however she kept her dignity and made light of it posting the experience on social media receiving quite an animated response. The story made me chuckle and ignited thoughts about my interactions with my own clients.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve said something a little inappropriate to a client? Was the situation rectifiable?  Or did you lose that client because of it?

I believe in maintaining great business relationships with my clients. Throughout your list of clients there will be various different personality types and this determines how you should deal with them.

You will find that sometimes they communicate differently to you. Your job is to find a method to conduct yourself appropriately during your interactions with them so as to build a lasting business relationship.

From my previous experience working as Personal Assistant to the CEO and Mayor at Waitomo District Council I learnt to be very resilient, not only with the environment I was working in, but with the different types of people that make up the industry. During my time there I worked with the management team and Council on a daily basis and the many differences of opinion meant that it was sometimes a challenge keeping everyone happy.

Whenever I meet someone for the first time I consider what makes that person tick.  These are a few questions that run through my mind that help me gauge what method I will take in potential future interactions:

Are they an introvert or extrovert?
Are they humorous or serious?
Are they a details person or quite easy going?

Once you’ve established a few personality traits of that person you can then better understand how they operate and provide a more effective solution going forward.

Important things to remember when meeting a person for the first time:

  • Listen – let them tell you their experience.  Don’t interrupt.
  • Build trust.
  • Be interested in them.

People do business with people because they choose to, not because they have to. Be the type of person you want to meet!

“To effectively communicate, we must realise that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” ~ Tony Robbins


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