9 Ways to Identify a Good Client

 February 27, 2017
Posted by qc

If you’ve ever been in business, you’ll know it’s most likely you’ll deal with people from all walks of life.  You’ll get some prickly personalities and you’ll get those that are an absolute joy.  If you’re just starting out, you must build resilience and be prepared to work with both types if you are serious about growing your business.  Once your business is established then you have the choice to be a little more picky and get more particular about the people and companies you work with.

The ideal would be to always surround yourself with clients that are positive, hold the same high standards as you, are happy and share the same emotional bandwidth, but this is not always possible when you first start out. If you do find yourself in an ideal situation, you will then find your days are much less destructive, you’ll love what you do more and you’ll have more time and energy to seek those opportunities out that you love.

So how do you recognise a good client over a bad one?

  1. You love to work with them – You get excited when correspondence arrives from them about a prospective project or when you get a chance to visit their offices.
  2. You believe in their organisation and what it stands for – if they are doing and saying things that don’t match your beliefs, it’s pretty hard to get excited about them or refer them to others.
  3. They are open-minded - to new ideas and potential improvements.
  4. You and your point of view are trusted and respected; your expertise is appreciated and valued – we all know those types that use you for your information and then move on thinking they can find a what they’re looking for elsewhere.  It’s a two way street and loyalty is a biggie.
  5. They value your time and respect your terms of work - we all deserve some time out to spend with our families and recharge.  After hours and weekends may be non-negotiable to you.
  6. They are very happy to shout out to others about your performance - if this is not the case you’ve got to question the relationship.  Why are they continuing to use your services but don’t see the benefit in telling other people about you?  By doing so can only bring both parties more opportunities, testimonials and referrals.
  7. They know not to hold incessant meetings - they have a purpose for each meeting they hold and consider your time when inviting you along to contribute.
  8. They don’t come with ‘horror stories’ – good clients don’t have a selection of stories about inadequacies, issues and struggles they’ve experienced with other suppliers/clients.
  9. They stick to one idea at a time - we all juggle business ideas and that’s healthy, but having too many at a time can not be disastrous for them but hard for you to keep up with the constant goalpost shifting.

Remember, good clients are great to have so nurture each relationship and make sure they know they matter. A good relationship only works if both parties are on the same page. If you think the relationship is worth saving but it’s gone off track slightly, there may still be time to rectify the situation by sitting down and having a good old chat. If not, you may need to consider a client purge.


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