STOP! Lighten the Load – you do not have to do it all

 January 23, 2017
Posted by qc

Yes, that’s right!  ‘You do not have to do it all’.  Let those words sink in.

I believe one of the hardest thing for our culture to do is ask for help.  Us Kiwi’s are known for our ‘can do’ attitude and most times we would rather hold onto our pride than hire someone else to complete a job for us. We feel ashamed at the thought of needing help from others and most times it’s seen as a personal failure.

I’ve touched on the subject in a previous post Just Because You Can Do Something Doesn’t Mean You Should and felt it was timely coming into a new year to remind those that felt overwhelmed in 2016 it may be time to make some positive changes in 2017.

Do you find yourself having a hard time asking for help?  Here are some common reasons why people delay seeking help:

  • You have a certain way of doing things
  • You don’t want to pay for things when you can do it yourselves
  • You don’t know who to ask for help and how to get started
  • You don’t like change

If you insist on doing everything yourself, you will never have enough time to do everything properly and the quality of the work and your health will likely suffer.

Focus on your strengths and let others do the rest.

Remember change in not necessary a bad thing, we’ve helped many of our clients as they’ve taken their first steps into outsourcing their work to us.  Of course, those steps we take together and relationships are built along the way. We love being a part of our clients successes and seeing their lives and health change for the better.

What are you waiting for?  Contact Letitia NOW on 021 898 661 or email her on to book an appointment to discuss what you need help with and how she can make a positive difference in your life.


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