We made it – we’re 5 year’s old!

 July 20, 2016
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Celebrate with us in turning five this month!!

Lots has happened since Quintessential Concierge was launched and it seems like a good moment to look back at what we’ve learnt along the way.

Let’s start by going back in time.

It’s 2011 and New Zealand is still experiencing the economic recession which began in 2008. My twins are 10 months old and I’m super excited to start the business I’ve been exploring for many years but I’m very apprehensive about putting my babies into childcare and the prospect of paying for care with no work coming in.  At this point my husband and I made an agreement that if the business was unsuccessful once the twins turned five and went to school, the business would cease and I would return to full-time employment.

Well, forward flash to the present.  The twins are at school and we’re still in business – which is great!  We have a team of contractors that assist us from time to time and an extensive list of wonderful clients that we love working with every day.

Most business owners have heard this before…. 80% of businesses fail within the first couple of years.  You know you have made a dent in the business world when you celebrate your 5-year anniversary and we’re very proud to have achieved this.

So here’s what we’ve learnt during this time:

Listen to those that are willing to give you advice - you don’t need to put that advice into practice and you may not even agree with it at the time. You just never know when it may come in handy at a later date.

Attend networking groups and make connections – search and select a few networking groups to attend and do your utmost to make good connections with attendees.  You may find there’ll be a time that you’ll grow out of the group and you’ll move on to bigger and better things but those connections you’ve made will last a life time.

Make time on the weekends for family and friends – I started out believing the harder I worked the more successful the business would be.  I now work smarter not harder and weekends are all about time out with family and friends.

Hire people that are passionate about your business – these people are difficult to find but once you find them, look after them and never let them go!

Go with your instincts – not all clients are a good fit your business no matter what they’re prepared to pay you.  Stick with your values and never compromise on your ethics.  If you don’t feel right about the relationship, don’t go there!

Stay humble and always be professional – we don’t believe in the ‘hard sell’, spam advertising or direct marketing and prefer to make authentic long-lasting relationships with our clients.  The majority of our business comes through referrals from those clients that love our professionalism: our attention to detail, our clarity of communication and our dedication to their business.

Always be open to learn - we search for learning opportunities every day.  It may be something we’ve read online, a workshop or course we’ve attended or something someone has said to us in passing.  Never stop learning, otherwise you’ll find your clients are going down the road to your competitor.

Welcome constructive criticism – feedback is never a bad thing.  Embrace it with open arms and always thank the person who provided you with the feedback as it’s a way to improve something that may not be working well in your business.

Love what you do – and if it’s not, get out fast!  We love what we do as it provides us with a lifestyle second to none.  We work with people that are innovative and passionate about their lives and businesses, we have the flexibility to spend time with our children and see them grow and develop into wonderful human beings and we control our own destiny every day.  You can’t get any better than that.


If you’d like to know more about Quintessential Concierge’s services, contact Letitia on 021 898 661 or email her on letitia@quintessentialconcierge.co.nz for a FREE introductory meeting to discuss your requirements.


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